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CADGME 2018, Conference on Digital Tools in Mathematics Education will be held at the Mathematics Department, University of Coimbra,Portugal, 26-29 June 2018
The aim of the CADGME2018 series of conferences is to offer a forum for academics in Europe to share their experiences and practices with technology-assisted mathematics teaching, Computer algebra systems (CAS), Dynamic Geometry Systems (DGS), Theorem Proving System (TPS) and other digital tools, with colleagues from all around the world

8th Combinatorics Day, Porto, June 22, 2018
Organised by Olga Azenhas (CMUC, UC), Rui Duarte (CIDMA, UA), António Guedes de Oliveira (CMUP, FCUP), Samuel Lopes (CMUP, FCUP)

All Kinds of Mathematics Remind me of You
Conference to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Peter J Cameron. Gathering excellence where Cameron excels: Combinatorics, Groups, Model Theory, Number Theory, Semigroups, Statistics, and more. FCUL 24-27 July 2017. Lisbon - Portugal.

Fourth workshop on Molecular Logic
he fourth Workshop on molecular logic (, organized by CIDMA members, will take place on the afternoon of June 6. This will be the fourth edition of an event where the use of logical and computational tools in the study of molecular phenomena study is explored

AlCoB 2017 - 4th International Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology
The fourth edition of Algorithms for Computational Biology (AlCoB 2017) will be held in the Department of Mathematics on June 5th and 6th. The organizing committee of the event has, at the local organization, a small group composed of CIDMA and IEETA members. AlCoB aims at promoting and displaying excellent research using string and graph algorithms and combinatorial optimization to deal with problems in biological sequence analysis, genome rearrangement, evolutionary trees, and structure prediction

Workshop Compositional Meaning in Logic [GeTFun 4.0]
8th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning, Coimbra, Portugal. July 1-2, 2016. Organized by Manuel A. Martins (CIDMA & UA, PT), João Marcos (DIMAp-UFRN, BR) and Carlos Caleiro (SQIG-IT & U Lisboa, PT)

Logic Meeting
Workshop organized by Manuel Martins and Rui Duarte

Escola de Verão SPM 2015
Organised by Ana Breda, Eugénio Rocha, Rui Duarte, Rita Simões, Sandrina Santos, Sílvio Gama. Universidade de Aveiro, 2 a 5 de setembro de 2015

International Conference "Category Theory 2015"
University of Aveiro, from Sunday, June 14 till Friday, June 19

Special Session "Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology", AMS-EMS-SPM International Meeting in Porto (June 10-13)
organised by Gonçalo Gutierres and Dirk Hofmann

IV Dia GeoGebra Portugal

4th edition of the Combinatorics Day. Organized by Rui Duarte, António Guedes de Oliveira and Olga Azenhas

Workshop on Molecular Logic
This is the first workshop on molecular logic at University of Aveiro

Second CIDMA-DMat Colloquium
Interactions between Topology and computation, by Martín Escardó (School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham)

Logic Colloquium 2013
Logic Colloquium 2013, organized under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic, will be held in Évora, Portugal, on July 22-27, 2013. (Web page of the meeting:. Partially supported by CIDMA

III GeoGebra Day in Portugal
Following the two previous meetings “GeoGebra Day in Portugal" which took place in Porto Polytechnic Institute (School of Education) in 2011 and 2012 , the third meeting “III GeoGebra Day in Portugal” took place on June 1, 2013, at the University of Aveiro. The main purpose of this meeting was to make known the potential of the GeoGebra software in education and research in mathematics, with special emphasis on the 3D version; to facilitate spaces to share experiences on the use of this program and to encourage the establishment of working groups of teachers interested in developing resources with GeoGebra. (

Iberian meeting on numerical semigroups - Vila Real 2012
This meeting intends to gather together people working on numerical semigroups, coming from different areas:. Factorization Theory;. Algebraic Geometry;. Combinatorics;. Commutative Algebra;. Coding Theory;. Number Theory;. Semigroup Theory. Local organizers:Paulo Vasco, André Oliveira, Luís Roçadas; Paula Catarino. Página:

International Conference: "ELementary Geometry from an Advanved Point of View"
Organizing Committee:. Ana Breda (Chair),. Ana Pereira do Vale,. Tomás Recio. Eugénio Rocha,. José Francisco Rodrigues

Encontro de Algebristas Portugueses

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